About The Quest

There’s a lot of anxiety among people approaching retirement - fears of:

  • not having enough money,
  • poor health and financial distress due to medical bills, and
  • loneliness and isolation, living a life without meaning or purpose.

The Quest package – DVD plus reference booklet - gives viewers simple, effective strategies to address these fears, along with the resources to carry out these strategies. The end result is confidence and hope - that we can improve our quality of life during our rest-of-life, that we will be happy, fulfilled and secure, that we can realize our dreams.

The storyline of the DVD is my quest, as a consulting actuary who has worked in retirement for over 30 years, to figure out how to best live the rest of our lives. It is the culmination of speaking and writing on these issues for over 15 years, including writing two books on retirement.

A Better Way to Think about Retirement
For most baby boomers, traditional retirement, where you retire full time in your fifties or sixties and live just on existing financial resources, may be out of reach; the money and benefits just aren’t there. People who’ve worked a full career at an employer with a traditional pension plan have the best chance for traditional retirement -- but that doesn’t describe many people in today’s environment.

So we need to change the conversation. Instead, let’s see how we can live a long time, be healthy, and have enough money to support the life we want. This goal is within reach for most Americans, and it may be more healthy and more satisfying than the traditional retirement most of us had in mind.

We explore three important areas – life fulfillment, health and finances. We advocate realistic strategies, based on the latest research from reputable experts and institutions, and the resources available to the average American.

Action steps we take in our 40s, 50s and 60s will dramatically impact our quality of life in our 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond. Since we may need to make significant changes in our lifestyles, we also use the latest research on behavior modification, giving us strategies for overcoming inertia to change lifelong habits.

A Better Way to Communicate About Retirement
The best strategies can be expressed simply with video, supplemented by a short booklet for ease of reference after viewing the DVD. The Quest DVD is lively and engaging, with a variety of settings and backgrounds. A musical score enhances viewer interest. It informs, entertains, motivates and provides hope to millions who are concerned about their future.

The Quest DVD is more interesting, informative and motivational than a conventional book, enabling it to reach many more people. It is about 90 minutes long, and contains:

  • Interviews with 12 experts who provide guidance with respect to life planning, health, finance, investments, insurance, and Social Security.
  • Interviews with 13 people from all walks of life who are living the advice of the experts, and who illustrate the range of possible experiences and viewpoints. We are more likely to change our behavior if we see and hear the stories of people like us who are making similar changes.
  • Graphics with voiceovers, illustrating key concepts.

The main body of the DVD is followed by the Making It Happen bonus section; this contains 52 minutes of bonus footage with the experts, and provides additional ideas and details.

The Quest DVD is accompanied by a 30 page Action Guide, which helps with ease of reference after viewing the DVD. It includes:

  • A checklist of action steps, summarizing the main messages and strategies from the DVD, and pointing users to additional resources.
  • Brief biographical sketches of the experts, identifying their books, websites and other materials that serve as resources for additional study.

The booklet makes it easy for users to implement the strategies featured in the DVD.

Seeing is Believing!

With The Quest package, we see and hear how to plan for a healthy, prosperous future. It makes the best use of each type of media – print, video, and sound. An integrated system that is more powerful than the sum of its parts, The Quest is sure to have a wide and enduring audience.

Please join me in our quest – how to best live the rest of our lives!