We help your employees and members make
smart choices about retirement

We work with employers, union groups, nonprofit organizations and associations to educate their employees and members about retirement. Our communication campaigns can include presentations, workshops, retirement fairs, webinars, teleconferences, bulk purchases of our DVDs and books, email and print newsletters, and posters in the workplace. We provide reliable information and strategies, but we go the extra mile by motivating and inspiring people to make important changes in their lives.

We help answer these important questions:

  • How much retirement savings do you need to generate a sufficient retirement income to last the rest of your life?  This helps answer the question ‘when can you retire?’
  • What are strategies for drawing down retirement assets to generate a lifetime retirement income that increases for inflation?
  • If you participate in a defined benefit plan, what are the most effective payout options?  If you are offered a lump sum in lieu of a monthly pension, what are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • When should you draw Social Security benefits?
  • How long might you live in retirement, given your lifestyle and family history?  This helps answer the above four questions.
  • How can you protect against the threat of large bills for medical and nursing home expenses?
  • What are strategies for balancing income and expenses in your retirement years?
  • What is the role of part-time or full-time work in your retirement years?
  • How can you work most effectively with financial advisors, brokers and salespeople?
  • What are considerations for selecting financial products and services? 

Many campaigns  are organized around our DVD, and the accompanying Action Guide. Possibilities include:

  • Distributing to interested employees, so they can watch it at home on their own time, and share it with their spouses and families
  • Customized versions of either or Action Guide, reflecting the features of your retirement plans
  • Pre-release communications to generate interest, including posters in the workplace
  • Structured follow-up activities, such as teleconferences, web casts, and in-person workshops, to help employees further their understanding and answer their questions

The Quest DVD is a cost-effective alternative or complement to traditional retirement seminars.

Our Rest-of-Life Campaigns are win-win! You'll help employees with important life planning, which will help you retain and motivate an older workforce. The messages dovetail nicely with other communication efforts you may have for health/wellness programs and for better appreciation of your benefits programs.

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